Applications for my phone

I’m going to preface this by giving honorable mentions to the previous two topics that I decided to skip over. The first one was comedy, because I don’t know how I could explain how bad all of my jokes are and why I’m not funny outside of self deprecation. The second one goes to actors and actresses, which I have written like three or four articles about. If you really want to know that badly, I suggest you look elsewhere. I hate repeating myself, almost as much as I hate being predictable or redundant. So, apps. If it exists, there’s an app for it.

When I first got my phone during freshman year, I always wanted to get a bunch of games for it. I always had to delete stuff to make room for them, because my phone was perpetually convinced that it had no more free space. I don’t really have that many games on my phone anymore, but I tend to download stuff that can be played offline because that’s the only time I would ever play a game on my phone. Out of pure desperation, of course. I’d never have to use it during an appointment with the best reno plumber, because he works so quickly and efficiently. The one game that I actually purchased from the Google Play Store was Turbo Dismount, which is a ragdoll simulator. Basically, you have to crash your car and hurt your character to get points.

On paper it sounds like a really terrible game, but the most realistic thing about it is probably the semi-realistic physics engine. The characters don’t actually look like real people, and the vehicles aren’t as destructible as you would think. You still get to crash into walls and drive off of cliffs, however. Sometimes it’s pretty funny, no matter how juvenile it may appear. The only other apps I really use on a regular basis are facebook, spotify, and youtube. I don’t like things or post on facebook, but I just comment on my friends’ posts. Maybe I should try making Myspace trendy and cool again?

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