Learning and Studies

I can’t believe I never thought of this specific topic as a theme for one of my articles. Although it’s true that I have written a ton of articles about school and the classes that I’ve already taken, I’ve never really talked about what I enjoy studying. I’ve always been a jack of all trades, being really good at math and english among other things. Not to brag, but in first grade I was given a commendation telling my parents how advanced I was for my age. I was supposed to be put in the gifted and talented programs, but they never put me in it for some reason.

It was probably difficult, with me constantly changing schools all the time. When I was in 3rd grade, my teacher would actually give me a spelling test that was separate from my other classmates’. They would only have to learn like 5-letter words, and I was doing big words like camouflage and conscientious. My grandpa was always amazed that I could spell at the age of 5. There was once instance in my friend’s dad saw the words that I was using in a letter and offered me a job, not knowing I was a little kid. He’s since moved on, and now owns a successful auto window tinting business. 8th grade was the point where I had to start paying attention in class, because it was no longer just common knowledge that I understood. We started learning about algebra and slope in graphs, which I really struggled with. I felt really dumb after that point.

Now that I’ve seen the broad range of classes that I can take, my favorites so far have been Food & Beverages (cooking), Guitar, Economics, and Weights. The only thing I didn’t really care for in weights was the fact that other people watched me work out, and then whenever we took a physical test to see how much we had grown, everyone looks at you. One time we were doing our maxes in this stupid exercise called a hang clean, and I lost my balance and the bar landed on top of me. Too bad my spotter didn’t notice until after I got up.

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