My lack of knowledge of current trends

Even though I’m only 17, I’m not really “fresh” or “trendy”. I like looking at internet memes and I’m extremely familiar with technology and the internet, but I never know what the latest or craze it. Nor can I get behind it. Of the most recent trends outside of popular music, I can remember Pokemon Go, dabbing, fidget spinners, and probably some kind of jeans. I would have played Pokemon Go since I’ve loved Pokemon since I was a kid. I didn’t get my first phone until 2014 though, and it only had 1GB of storage. I don’t know if it was aware of that, because it always said that the system storage was full whenever I tried to download music. Songs are only megabytes of data. It’s not like I was downloading the full movie of Godzilla.

Which I should actually do, if my stupid phone battery didn’t run out so fast. I currently have a ZTE Zmax Pro, which is quite possibly the worst phone you can ever get. I’m not sure what they were thinking when they made it exclusively compatible with the “type C” charger, because I have literally the only one I have ever seen. Which means if I don’t have the single charger compatible with my phone, it is permanently dead. Not to mention the fact that it will randomly restart itself, but not without making an extremely loud booting tone for Tmobile. There’s no way to prevent it from making noise. Not ever with earbuds. I just have to cover the speaker whenever it feels like turning itself on and off in class. Sometimes I feel so stressed out that I feel like I’ll need physical help for all the tension in my muscles. Fortunately, there’s a great chiropractor in reno that will help me out. Or I could just save up for a new phone. So anyways, I caught up with Pokemon Go eventually but then everyone just thinks you’re a poser cashing in on a late trend.

That’s part of the reason I’m afraid to follow current trends. I don’t do it because of the fact that it’s trending, but if I follow a behavior or use a product that isn’t relevant anymore, people will tend to make fun of me. Peoples’ opinions of me don’t matter that much to me, it just affects me at school when I’m surrounded by hundreds of people who will bring it up or judge me. Like fidget spinners. Everyone at my school thought they were amazing and trendy a year ago, but now if you bring one to school, you’ll probably have it taken out of your hand and thrown in the trash. I was never really interested in them, anyways. I think it just promotes ADHD and fidgeting.

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