Father’s Day Funnies!
The Saturday before Father’s Day we
served hot dogs from noon until 3:00.
Everyone seemed to enjoy them,
except one customer, who when I
offered a hot dog said “No thank you,
I’m a vegetarian.”
I quickly glanced around the table,
desperately trying to locate something
else I could offer.  Without hesitating, I
asked, “How about an onion and
mustard sandwich?”
We both got a chuckle out of that.

When a mantis
comes for tea
Like most children, my
granddaughter is fascinated by
bugs.  She recently wanted to
go praying mantis hunting in the
backyard.  After about 15
minutes we gave up and came
back inside.  Shortly after she
left, Steve and I were standing
looking out at the yard, and look
what appeared INSIDE on the
windowsill.  We’ve named her

Fairy Garden
We held our first Fairy Garden
Workshop the first week of July and
it was a great time.  People brought
their own containers and picked out
plants, fairies, and accessories.
Miniature gardens were born in
minutes!  These gardens can live
indoors or out, bringing imagination
to life throughout the year.

Got the Travel Bug?
A recent customer was travelling over
the Memorial Day holiday weekend and
wanted to bring her hosts an unusual
gift.  She was excited about bringing
them a praying mantis egg case, but
soon became concerned that the eggs
would hatch out in her suitcase and she
would have a mantis malfunction on her
hands.  While I assured her that this
certainly wouldn’t happen, as they take
about two weeks to hatch, she decided
in the end that one of our gourmet teas
would be a better choice.