The importance of chiropractic care

I was recently talking with my mom about my back issues, because I’ve been having neck and back pains whenever I wake up. It doesn’t matter what position I go to sleep in, my neck is always sore whenever I wake up. I’m not sure if it’s because my body naturally moves back to a certain position, or what. So I talked to my mom about it, and she was telling me all these stories about little things in your life that can affect you. I thought about seeing a reno chiropractor about it when I was with my dad, but I’m just afraid he’ll label it as my bad posture.

My posture is really bad, it’s just not something that I think about on a regular basis. I still correct it when I can. One of my mom’s past co-workers used to have extremely bad posture because she would drag a rolling suitcase with one hand, and a really heavy purse in the other. Over time her body her wore down and she began to have pain in her sciatic nerve. Because of this, she went to see a chiropractor in reno. The chiropractor told my mom’s co-worker that she needed to stop carrying so much weight. After a few months, her body was feeling great again. Chiropractors always know what they’re doing, so you should always listen to what they tell you.

My mom was told by a chiropractor in reno that she wasn’t allowed to lift heavy stuff anymore for a certain period of time, but she ended up lifting a heavy box of rocks anyways (she worked at a rock shop) and it put her neck back in the same bad spot. My issue is just that it’s unconscious posture for my body. I know that if I worked at it hard enough, my posture could eventually improve. I’m just a bit apprehensive because I’m not sure if the damage is permanent or if there is a solution. Maybe after I move back in with my dad, I’ll have to visit a chiropractor in reno to see their input.

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