Best Thing a Hood Cleaner Can Do on a Day Off (Marketing Tip #5)

Hood Cleaning is a great business.  But sometimes, you can feel like you’re a bit of a vampire.  Seriously.  If you’re out with your crew for 2 or 3 cleanings a night, you’re pretty much going to find yourself sleeping all the next day.  Even though you’re tempted, the best thing you can do as an owner/operator of a hood cleaning company is to go have breakfast.  Seriously.

Pick a place that you are not currently doing business with and have breakfast.  If you love it – go back a few times.  Breakfast is not expensive and it gives you the opportunity to talk to the employees and possibly to the owner.  Tell them that you enjoy breakfast at their restaurant and you intend on giving them a great online review. Then tell them that you operate a hood cleaning business and you’d like the opportunity to earn their business someday.  Simple, right?

If you go grab breakfast 5 or 6 days per week, and you constantly do this, within a year, you should pick up an additional 30-40 clients.  And for what cost?  Well, if you’re spending $15 (including a very gracious tip – don’t get cheap there), your client acquisition cost for the year would be $4000. And if you got just 30 new clients, that would be $133 per new client.  If that client gets their hoods cleaned quarterly, those clients should be worth $2000 annually. EACH.

Houston Hood Cleaning Downtown BreakfastDoes this really work?  Well, it works a hell of a lot better than cold calling.  The best Houston hood cleaning company is utilizing this method as part of their marketing campaign and they’re doubling down.  The owner will pick restaurants for his guys to go to and have breakfast every morning after they finish jobs.  So he’s going to District 7 Grill (near downtown) while his team manager takes somebody from the crew and heads to The Breakfast Klub.

Houston has so many great breakfast restaurants to go to.  This strategy will work great there – but it’ll work for you too in your area.  Hood cleaning can be a profitable business if you’re doing good work and you invest some time into marketing.  At Hood Cleaning Marketing, we can help you to get more business – and we always strive to give you tips on scoring more on your own too.

Thank you to Carr Gardens for allowing us to do this guest post!  Hood Cleaning Marketing has been helping hood cleaners to drastically increase their businesses for over four years. We work with new companies as well as seasoned ones across the country.